Mihi nui koutou

For sometime I have been pondering writing a blog on my supervision practice in collaboration with Chris Thomas.  But time and work was in the way and time to do the blogging was never found.  As I ponder again on this blogging idea I have asked myself why would I want to do this?  What would it be for? Who would it be for, and what would be the purpose?

I have read many academic articles and books on the practice of supervision, both within the social work profession and across other professions, and note that there is much written about the research and the theory of the supervision practice around the world.  Conversations are held in articles and books about why we use supervision, what it is for, who it is for and what models we should engage in.  There is discussion about how to make it effective and what best practice supervision looks like and discussion about how, and whether it changes the client outcomes and the practice of the practitioner, etc etc.  I could go on.  Many others will have read (and written) the plethora of material available on the subject

I applaud the discipline and passion with which these authors write about the supervision topic and add to the literature and ideas within this field.  Indeed there is no doubt my practice has been influenced greatly by the literature, and by many of the NZ and overseas writing and research on the topic.  I have often used the ideas written about within my own work in the supervision room, or in workshops I have facilitated on supervision. So within this context one must wonder how a blog from me could add to this ‘rich world of literature’ already available.  Well let’s be honest.  Maybe it won’t!

However as a practitioner, working within the supervision context for 95% of my time, I feel a pull to offer some of my reflections, knowledge and experience to the wider community.

I embark on this idea of written reflection and blogging with some vision and passion and also with a great deal of trepidation.  Will anyone read it, will anyone care, will this be of any assistance in anyway to another….

So I must begin in the way I begin all new supervision relationships; we can only start this journey together and see what happens.

Ma te wa