(Collaborative framework for working with groups in a skilful and strategic way)

This workshop is designed to develop skills and strategies for working with educative groups, teams and facilitating meetings.  We will cover:

• Knowledge of how to understand and work with group dynamics and processes;

• Strategies and models that support groups to work well and collaboratively with clarity around role and purpose;

• Strengths-based tools to aid discussion and build trust between group participants;

• Opportunities to practice the skills and strategies.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is interested in developing their facilitation skills using a collaborative and strengths-based framework, particularly those who run meetings at work with staff, colleagues and service users, or those who run workshops and educative groups.

Date: There is currently no scheduled date for this workshop

Cost: This two day workshop costs $364 per person. (and includes materials and catering)

Contact us if you are interested in this workshop.