Developing our self-care lifestyle:

Workshops of yoga and reflection

This series of four new workshops will explore self care and maintaining good strategies and routines to survive and thrive in our work.  These workshops are specifically for those working in the social service and health sectors.  They will utilise the four pillars of sustainable yoga; (Frequency of Movement, Restore and Support, Boundaries, Variety and Diversity) as well as Te Whare Tapa Wha; to develop and grow self-care strategies and lifestyle plans that assist us to manage the stresses of modern life and work. Based on the premise that we need different things for different seasons, each workshop will align with a season and will focus on a different pillar of sustainable yoga.  The workshops will provide movement and reflective time to develop a practice of self-care.

Rationale for these workshops:

We know that working with people can be draining and emotionally exhausting and it can be difficult to juggle work, life and family expectations and deadlines; to manage our health and our stress, and to keep ourselves going when life also throws in surprises and curve balls in the mix.

Do you often have great ideas about what you will do as your self-care strategies but struggle to implement them?

Do you remember that you used to have good strategies but they have fallen on the wayside when pressure builds up?

Do you struggle to actually prioritise yourself amongst the list of things on your ‘to do’ list?

Do you often make great New Years resolutions each year to do ‘self-care’ however then struggle to sustain this due to a busy schedule?

Do you find that you talk about your stress in supervision, or with your managers, whanau and leaders but find this does not always change your behaviour?

Do you have a great self-care plan that works for you already and want the extra ideas and support to sustain it?

Do you keep meaning to do a self-care plan but even that takes time you cannot find or prioritise?

Are you just curious about how yoga and nourishing movement could support your self-care plan?

These workshops are designed for you. 

You can choose whether to attend all four workshops or just one. They will be be both experiential, reflective and functional and will take place in a quiet rural setting in the Manawatu, working with a maximum of 8 other people.  (NB: You are not expected to have done any yoga before, and will not be asked to do anything you do not wish to do)

The workshops will be facilitated by Karen and Katy Tara (Yoga teacher and practitioner).

The workshops will provide the opportunity to consider sustainable and nourishing yoga (Body movement) activities that support our parasympathetic system and assist to reduce stress, while also providing an opportunity for individual reflection, group discussion and planning your own personal self-care plan and commitment to your self JUST FOR A SEASON AT A TIME.


Autumn Workshop – Frequency of Practice last held on 18 March 2020

Winter Workshop – Restore and Support last held on 29 July 2020

Spring Workshop – Boundaries date last held on 22 September 2020

Summer Workshop – Variety and Diversity last held on 9 December 2020

Contact Karen if you are interested in any of these workshops


These half day workshops costs $180 per person (and includes materials and catering)

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