We are a consortium team of independent practitioners, with a background in social work and youth work, who share common values in our work as well as bringing diverse worldviews and approaches. We collaborate together under the name of The Project Team. As the Project Team we offer practical, interactive professional development workshops for people working or volunteering in health, social services and education. In addition we have a range of skills and experience in project management as a team and individuals. 

Our services can be designed to suit your needs exactly – if we don’t have what you want we can build it or customise one of our existing workshops. Get in touch to discuss what you need.

We are based in Palmerston North and Wellington. There are three of us in the team however from time to time we team up with other people to add to our expertise.

Our values:

Engaging in strengths-based practice which incorporates behaviours which are:

  • Respectful and mana-enhancing
  • Transparent and Honest (bringing our authenticity and humanness)
  • Sharing the space (knowledge, skills and expertise are held by both parties)
  • Ako (all learners together)
  • Focussed on strengths and capacities (uncovering and enhancing what works well)
  • Honouring of Te Tiriti O Waitangi (Bicultural and tikanga conscious)
  • Collaborative and conversational
  • Future and presence focussed
  • Holding hope and possibility (suspending our disbelief)
  • Acting justly
  • Noticing when we are ’being and doing’ it and growing this
  • Respectful and mana-enhancing

Karen, Rod and Chris also offer professional supervision independent of The Project Team. Find out more about each of our approaches to supervision under our Professional Supervision heading.

Chris Thomas

Director, Programme Development and Training, Workshop Facilitation, and Professional Supervision
Email Chris Thomas or phone or text +6427 2807325

Karen Shepherd

Programme Development and Training, Workshop Facilitation and Professional Supervision
Email Karen Shepherd or phone or text +6421 2580191

Rod Baxter

Programme Development and Training, Workshop Facilitation and Professional Supervision
Email Rod Baxter or phone or text +6421 448397