Chris Thomas, Karen Shepherd and Rod Baxter work independently as professional supervisors and have practices in based in Palmerston North, Porirua and Wellington.  We have a wide range of skills and experience which puts us in a great position to help with the supervision of professionals in many areas, including both managers and front-line workers in health, education and social services. We all have skills to work with individuals or with groups and teams in supervision.  In addition we can develop specific training, workshops, projects, or organisational strategies for you or your team, based on discussion that may occur in supervision.

We work with people from around the Manawatu, Whanganui, Wairarapa and Wellington regions.  Supervision is usually held in our offices, based in either in Palmerston North, Poririua and Wellington, but can be adapted to suit you.  Online/video supervision can also be available with arrangements via platforms such as zoom or skype.  To find out more about us individual see below or contact us individually to discuss the options and your supervision needs.

Supervision with Chris

My supervision framework is located within a collaborative strengths-based approach for social workers, youth workers, counsellors, social service managers, allied health professionals, nurses, pastors and other professional supervisors.

How I will work with you:

I believe in the importance of negotiating a robust collaborative working relationship and agreement where our roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.  I hope that the people I work with in supervision experience this as a strengths-based, competency focussed approach which celebrates success and also develops strategies to deal with challenges.

Contact Chris to discuss what you are wanting from professional supervision and for a no obligation “try before you buy” session.

Chris Thomas

Director, Programme Development and Training, Workshop Facilitation, and Professional Supervision
Email Chris Thomas or phone or text +6427 2807325

Supervision with Karen

It is my belief that supervision should be based on a collaborative relationship, where both parties contribute equally with knowledge, skills and expertise.  My practice framework is based on strengths-based principles by utilising knowledge and skills from my practice as a social worker, and on supervision theories and with consideration of our bi-cultural context with Aotearoa.  These strengths-based principles I adhere to are:

  • All people and environments possess strengths that can be mobilised and our focus should be on competence and strengths
  • People are experts on themselves, so the supervisor has expertise but is not the expert
  • Supervision is a relationship based on dialogue and collaboration

How I will work with you:

We will work together to establish a working relationship and contract.  I hope to work with your learning style, and to be guided by you to assist you to reach your goals for each supervision session, as well as any overarching goals in your work.  I expect those I work with to come prepared for supervision by considering what outcome they want as a result of our supervision conversations.  It is my hope that we will review our contract, relationship and process regularly. I am willing and able to work with social workers, youth workers, counsellors, social service managers, leaders, allied health professionals, nurses, pastors, volunteers and other professional supervisors.

Contact Karen to arrange a time to meet and discuss this further.

Karen Shepherd

Programme Development and Training, Workshop Facilitation and Professional Supervision
Email Karen Shepherd or phone or text +6421 2580191

Supervision with Rod

E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū.

The tūī sings, the kākā chatters, the woodpigeon coos.
We are all unique, we each have a voice.

I’m committed to facilitating supervision in a way that reflects and parallels the relationships you have with the people you serve. The principles that underpin our practice are upheld in supervision: relational, bicultural, strengths-based, mana-enhancing, ethical, participatory, empowering, practical and informed by diverse knowledge.

I offer supervision at Te Whare Manaaki o Ngaio, where I live, surrounded by a canopy of trees and plenty of native birds (who also like to be heard!). I am also available via online video calls.

How I will work with you:

We’ll start with whakawhanaungatanga and form a strong working relationship. We will creatively build a unique living agreement to guide supervision and ensure it meets your needs, the needs of your organisation, and most importantly, the needs of the people you serve. You lead the supervision process, setting our agenda each time and considering how we can collaboratively ensure you’re supported, learning and managing your mahi.

Contact Rod to discuss this further

Rod Baxter

Programme Development and Training, Workshop Facilitation and Professional Supervision
Email Rod Baxter or phone or text +6421 448397