(a strengths-based and collaborative approach)

The workshop will spend time:

  • Reviewing the skills, models and tools covered in the 3 day Essential Skills for Supervision workshop (or other supervision training)
  • Exploring what is working well and what to further develop and enhance in participants’ supervision practice
  • Exploring how to enhance reflective practice in supervision
  • Reflect on and develop participants’ individual approach and framework of supervision
  • Practicing using skills with other participants in a safe environment

Who is this workshop for?

Have you attended our 3 day workshop on Essential Skills for Supervision (or other strengths-based supervision training) and have you been putting your learning into practice?  Are you keen to develop more and enhance your supervision practice further, or perhaps your are ready to refresh what was covered in our 3 day workshop?

This two day workshop is for you!!!

This workshop is designed specifically for those who have attended our three day workshop on Essential Skills for Supervision and it will be a review and development opportunity for these participants.  Anyone with other training or qualifications in supervision are welcome to contact us to clarify whether this workshop would be a a good opportunity for them.

Cost: This two day workshop costs $364 per person (and includes materials and catering)

Date: There is currently no date scheduled for this workshop. Contact us if you are interested in this workshop.