It is hard to fathom that we are now in May and 2019 is racing by without any opportunity to write any new blogs. I have been reflecting on this today and recognise that I have been reveling in being ‘in’ the moments in supervision this year, and spending less time reflecting on these moments.

Supervision continues to be such a sacred and special space; a space of sitting with another and sitting with questions and solutions and answers as they emerge. Being able to be truly in these moments and present in these moments, takes dedication, commitment and often practise.

I sat with someone in supervision today, and listened to them talk about the incredible privilege they felt at being able to sit with their ‘clients’ and journey with their ‘clients’ and to be honoured in having their ‘clients’ share their precious stories with them. It struck me that I felt the same way about the work of being a supervisor. An immensely and honouring position of sitting with a person in the highs and lows of their work.

In our busy, and often frantically paced world it can be easy to attempt to multi-task and to be distracted by the next task on our list by still attending to the previous. It can be easy to be pulled into the internal monologue or to be hooked into a device, and the ‘demands’ that modern technology can make on our time. It can be easy to be only half present. It is in the moments of being truly present that the privilege and honour of sitting with another human being is really appreciated. And so I look back on the first four months of this year and I celebrate that I work in a role which offers me the opportunity to be ‘in’ moments with people every day, and I can recall moments of incredible profound and minutely small discoveries as we have been together in these moments.

What are the ways you have been able to be ‘in’ the moments of your work so far this year? I invite you to stop and notice this now.

Ngā mihinui