Hurihia tō mata te rā kia taka te ātārangi ki muri i a koe

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you

As we journey into a new calendar year in Aotearoa New Zealand, I wonder what your ‘vision’ is for 2020. I’ve had a much needed relaxing break over the Christmas festive season, but note some lethargy still lingering as I step back into work, and into the more structured rhythm that working life brings. This has me reflecting about my goals/plan/strategy and vision for 2020. It’s time to review, renew and commit anew to my ‘business plan’ and to my strategies for work and life which keep my passion ignited and alive. As I notice my lethargic, my blog of December 2019 is still ringing in my head and I am reminded that my vision for 2020 must be in line with self-care and kindness to myself, (and that this lethargic would suggest that further rest may still be needed!)

A vision that supports this need for kindness to myself while calling on passion will be necessary if I am to be able to support well those I work with to keep their passion ignited and alive. And of course I know they will do their best work with whanau, and communities if they are doing it from a place of passion!

In preparation for setting my vision for the year, I have been doing some reading around self-care and life planning and came across a number of thought provoking of articles. One in particular by Erlene Grise-Owens; called “Self-Care A-Z: Reflections on 2020 Vision for Self-Care” invites the idea of having a word for the year. I particularly appreciate this idea of a vision word (or intention) for the year. It feel like an anchor point to pivot around and to tether decisions and actions to.

What would your word be for 2020?

What do you know your need?

What would you intend this year to be filled with?

What would ignite your passion and assist you to remain alive in your work?

I find myself drawn to two intentions for this year – consciousness and embracing. A need to embrace and ‘be’ with what the year will bring, and also to ensure I am mindful, present and fully conscious in my life, work and relationships.

So as I consciously embrace this year, I anticipate it will be a year of newness in many ways, and in seeing things through different lens or eyes, as I have not come through 2019 untouched. This new year brings newness because of the experiences of 2019, and also within this newness is a re-commitment to engage in ‘exciting’ supervision conversations, to recommit to more frequent blogging, and to relaunch some workshops for The Project Team (to be advertised soon)

Amongst this newness of 2020 also comes a new enterprise, as I collaborate with my yoga teacher, Katy, in facilitating ‘self-care’ workshops which assist us all to be kind, present and mindful in our bodies, and plan for a life of ‘care’ which supports the maintenance of our passion in our work….watch this space…..

In anticipation of 2020, a year to be “consciously embraced”.

Ngā mihi