Look to the past, move forward to the future!

This whakatauki symbolises arriving at the end of 2020 to me in so many ways. We cannot change what has been and must keep one eye on what this year has taught, encouraged and challenged; and yet we must move forward into the wonder and uncertainty of 2021.

Many of you may have already ‘clocked off’ for the year, with Christmas Day only two days away, but as with this year’s ‘lockdowns’ there will also be some of you who must work through this festive season, no doubt as essential services to us all again.

As I prepare to close my laptop down for the year, and for what feels like a well needed break, I am pausing to reflect back on 2020, and wonder forward into 2021, much like this whakatauki calls us to. Here’s some questions for us all to ponder:

What have been my learning moments from 2020?

What am I proud of? What celebrations and success have I enjoyed?

What have been my challenges?

What do I want to bring with me into 2021?

What do I wish to leave behind in 2020?

I don’t have short glib answers to these questions and suspect (in true reflector style) I will percolate them in my background during my break. What I do know however, is that I do want to carry the learning of 2020 with me into my future. I do want to think about how I transact my energy, how I support my own and the wider community’s health and wellbeing, and how do I seek to live in harmony with our environment in more sustaining and life giving ways. How this breaks down into action on a daily basis, well I guess that is the future I am walking into. Maybe by my next years blog I’ll have some more answers to the how.

Anyway, this is me now blogging off for the year. Thanks to those of you who have taken some interest and have also sent feedback on this small attempt to share beyond the supervision room. The Project Team wish you rest, restoration, health, love and peace at this time, however you spend it.

Titiro whakamuri, haere whakamuri

Ngā mihi nui

Karen (on behalf of Chris and Rod too)