Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Here we are on 2 June, and it has been 3 months since I sat to put fingers to the keyboard and complete a blog. As we now move into the winter season I wanted to at least get a blog up before the year is all over. Since the last blog, I have been practicing my scanning and noticing my ability to be present and mindful. It is probably this scanning and noticing that has resulted in no blogs being written! I have slowed down my ‘hurried and harried’ and released some of the expectations I put on myself in order to be able to ensure well-being and wellness (of my body, mind and spirit). It seems appropriate as we approach Matariki to begin to think about what seeds we will plant and nurture over winter, to see blossom, bloom and flourish in the months ahead.

My practice of scanning and being present has assisted me to realise that continuing to have realistic expectations of myself is definitely a practice I wish to nurture and blossom for the spring. I wonder also how I will support and grow this in my supervision conversations and support and encourage those I work with to have realistic expectations of themselves, and to continue to practice well-being and wellness in their work. I read recently that New Zealanders are working longer hours but our work productivity has gone down. It is unsurprising to assume that there may be no causal correlation between longer and effective, productive or smarter. We all need breaks, we all need time out of work and we all need time to recover from work impact and workload. There is also much anecdotal information that continues to suggests that stress, anxiety and pressure has increased for many since Covid-19 and that many are carrying a significantly heavier actual and invisible load. So in this ongoing time of pressure, do ensure you continue to take stock, for yourself and for those you lead and supervise.

So only a short blog this month, but hopefully an encouragement and reminder to continue to practice wellness and to think intentionally about the seed(s) you wish to grow this winter.

How are you doing with your scanning and self-care and well-being plan?

What seed will you nurture over winter?

What seeds will you encourage and nurture within your organisations and with your supervisees?


2 thoughts on “Poipoia te kakano, kia puāwai

  1. Kia ora Karen and thanks for this reminder. I love the whole idea of Matariki – that its a time to pause, take stock, remember those who have passed and then think about what we want to take forward. Thanks for the reminder!
    I’m not famiiar with scanning – can you say more/provide some links please?
    Ngā mihi,
    Jude Douglas

    1. Kia ora Jude, I am sorry I have not seen this til now. Sadly the blog has not had my attention since June! 3 drafted but non complete! I have not links or references for scanning sorry. It is a concept I have learned from my yoga practice. I refer to it in my March blog too, but others may call it just noticing and feeling in our body. I hope all is well with you. Ngā mihi

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