Skills and strategies for peer group and team supervision

Supervision within group, teams and peers requires supervisory skills as well as group facilitation skills and processes.  This workshop will consider how to build clear and robust relationships and agreement for working within these forms of supervision.  It will cover skills and strategies for all supervision participants within these different supervision modes, as well as consider the particular role of a supervisor.  We will offer models and approaches of group, peer and team supervision.

Some understanding of group process and the role, function and purpose of supervision would assist participation in this workshop.

This is a practice focussed workshop, which is underpinned by strengths-based philosophy and approach. There will be the opportunity to practice skills as well as participate in a strengths-based peer supervision process.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is currently involved, or likely to be involved in peer, group or team supervision.


This 2-day workshop costs $365 per person. (This includes all materials and catering)

Next Date:

A date for this has yet to be scheduled. Contact us if you are interested in this workshop.


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